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-  Secrets & Scandal

Aftermath of

a Disaster
By David Roberts

"..a book that shocks..."

Sea Breezes

After an exhaustive two-year search for the truth about the events and aftermath of this terrible Submarine disaster in Liverpool Bay, June 1939, David Roberts has at last found some shocking hitherto unpublished details. The sinking of Thetis costs 99 men their lives and is still today the worst submarine disaster in British History. The book contains interviews with relatives of victims; sons, daughters, brothers, sisters and those very rare ladies, living widows.

Also here are never before seen documents from the time; Offers of outside help, Secret navy reports and even descriptions of bodies for identification.

Why did the Official Inquiry blame nobody, explaining it away as 'an unfortunate sequence of events'?

Why did the civil action on behalf of the widow's fail?

Did the Admiralty cover it up? How much did Churchill know?

How were those left behind treated?

A huge publicly subscribed disaster fund was collected for the relatives. How was this managed and distributed? Who got what and why? What ever happened to the money that was left?
In the last year of the millennium, on the 60th anniversary of Thetis, why do a handful of living widows still today get just 9.62 per month from the fund, in one case LESS TAX ! Whilst many thousands of pounds languishes as annuities in the coffers a well-known insurance company? Secrets and Scandal is a shocking revelation of the establishment, all the way up to Churchill, closing ranks whilst the ‘lower orders’ were treated in a manner that was simply unforgivable.



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