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The History of the Scala Cinema - Prestatyn
by Fred Hobbs 

and the Friends of the Scala

The 'Pictures', the 'Flicks', the 'Talkies' and the 'Movies', all have had their moments and common usage in language to refer to those public places to visit where films can be watched and enjoyed.....the Cinema.
Whatever age you are, the stories told in the films have made us all laugh and cry, sometimes at the same time. They have scared the living daylights out of us as well as making us think, but most of all they have entertained us.
The places where the films are screened have changed dramatically over the last fifty years and have often struggled to survive in the face of ever improving access to and quality of films that can be watched on increasingly high tech equipment in the home.
This is the story of one such small cinema, the Scala, in one small town in North Wales - Prestatyn.
The Scala was one of the very earliest cinemas in the country opening on the very eve of the first world war in 1913. 

Despite closing down in 2000 in need of restoration, the people of the town organised themselves to raise awareness and funds to get the Scala re-opened. The 'Friends of The Scala' led the way for almost the next decade to 'bring back the Scala'.
The result, a refurbished cutting edge totally digital cinema ( the first one in Wales), an arts center performance space, café bar and meeting rooms was reborn in 2009.
This is the history of that small local cinema, and its journey 'Back to the Future.'


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