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by Allan McDonald

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People that climb, explore, walk and ramble in Britain are greater in number than those who go to watch football matches, and whilst this is a very large number their interests and activities truly follow in the footsteps of a handful of extraordinarily brave, persistent and resourceful men and women…. those who ‘went on ahead’. 

Merseyside Mountaineers and Explorers not only brings to the public consciousness who these pathfinders were, with all their human frailties, doubts, hopes and egos, but it is also a fascinating story of adventure, exultation and sometimes tragedy, from the ‘Killer’ Mountains of the Himalayas to the no less exciting and exacting hills and mountains of north Wales.

For those who are NOT experienced climbers or walkers, this book ropes us on to their tracks. Indeed Allan McDonald himself expresses his wish that ‘if this book entices the casual reader out into the hills and mountains to experience them for themselves, then it will have more than served its purpose.’ 

Perhaps the words of one of these Merseyside Pioneers sum up what it is all about……

‘I grew up exuberant in body but with a nervy, craving mind. It was wanting something more, something tangible. It sought for reality intensely, always as if it were not there... But you see at once what I do….  I climb.   

John Menlove Edwards 1910-1958

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