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Forgotten Empress
-The Tragedy of the Empress of Ireland 

by David Zeni

The fascinating story of 'Liverpool's Lost Empress', the Steamship Empress of Ireland which, within two years of the sinking of the Titanic, was also lost at sea and in terms of passenger fatalities was an even greater tragedy. The event sent shock waves around the world.

Just one year later, the loss of the Lusitania completed a sad triangle of maritime disasters, yet whilst these names are well remembered, the fate of the Empress of Ireland remains shrouded in the cloak of history, as impenetrable as the fog that brought about her total loss along with 1,012 souls, on 29 May 1914.

With a chilling connection to the 'Crippen Murders' and containing never before published material including comprehensive crew and passenger lists it is a compelling book.


"... dubbed 'The Forgotten Empress'... the second in a shocking trio of tragedies at sea... sandwiched in between the disasters of the Titanic and the Lusitania... and it was a sudden death... that sent Liverpool into mourning... "

                                         -   Liverpool Echo

"It grips the reader in such a way as to make it hard to put aside... it is excellent

- Sea Lines

"Zeni brings a fresh, moment by moment urgency to this real life drama" 

- Winnipeg Free Press

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ISBN 1 902964 1 5 2

Front and back cover illustrations respectively, Above -‘Sunset over the Empress of Ireland' from a painting by Yves Bérubé  (Courtesy of the artist)

Left - ‘A Dying Ship’ - The Empress of Ireland sinking fast, lifeboats pulling away and the collier Storstad in the background.

 From a painting by William Wheeler 1964.Courtesy of the Salvation Army Heritage Museum, Toronto

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