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PUT NOT YOUR TRUST IN PRINCES - Denis Gallagher's Put Not Your Trust In Princes, looks back at life sailing with Alfred Holt's Blue Funnel Line, a maritime world now lost to us all,  and for the first time examines forensically what went wrong that brought about the demise of this world famous and world leading merchant shipping company. NEW
FORGOTTEN EMPRESS - the detailed story of 'Liverpool's Lost Empress', The Empress of Ireland, and the disaster that befell her in the St. Lawrence Seaway in May 1914... in more ways than one a forgotten tragedy... includes fascinating information on the connection to the infamous Dr. Crippen and never previously published comprehensive crew and passenger listings. Centenary


THE GOLDEN WRECK - 150th anniversary edition. The tragedy of the Royal Charter. The worst shipwreck in Welsh History...tells of the terrible loss of life in a hurricane, and the quest for the Royal Charter's cargo... GOLD !   KindleEdition
HMS THETIS - SECRETS & SCANDAL - aftermath of a disaster : 75th anniversary edition. The truth about what really happened to cover-up the responsibility for the loss of HMS THETIS and how those left behind were treated. KindleEdition
THETIS - THE ADMIRALTY REGRETS - the submarine disaster in Liverpool Bay. The worst submarine tragedy in British History. Did the Admiralty really regret?

BLUE FUNNEL - VOYAGE EAST  by Award Winning Author Richard Woodman      What was life like aboard a British vessel in the last great days of the Merchant Navy?  This wonderful book takes us in one of the Holt Line's 'China Boats' on a typical trip out of the Mersey, to the Far East and back again by way of Suez.                                    'Life at Sea - Warts and All.' .......Sea Breezes

A HISTORY OF THE SCALA CINEMA -PRESTATYN  How one small town in North Wales reopened its dilapidated cinema.....to become the first totally digital cinema in Wales.  From its humble beginnings in 1913 and its journey ' Back to the Future'.   
RUNCORN  -  A TOWN NOT SO NEW    A pictorial record of a town which has undergone profound change. The archive photographs recall forgotten vistas as well as traditional customs and practices of times past together with vanished industries, rural landscapes and buildings which may now be beyond the memories of even the oldest Runcornians.  
THE ALABAMA AFFAIR - The British Shipyards Conspiracy  in the American Civil War. One of the very few books to deal with the involvement of Britain in the American civil war.     A book that reads like the most exciting of novels, but it remains historical fact. ( Only seconds copies)
JUST NUISANCE - the amazing but true story of the only dog that was officially enlisted into the British Royal Navy.
LIFE AT LAIRDS - memories of working shipyard men and their lives at the Birkenhead shipyard of Cammell Laird.
CAMMELL LAIRD - THE GOLDEN YEARS - A look at the social and commercial history of this world-famous shipbuilders with particular reference to the 1960's and the Polaris Nuclear Submarine building program.
MERSEYSIDE MOUNTAINEERS AND EXPLORERS  - brings to the public consciousness who these male AND female pathfinders were, with all their human frailties, doubts, hopes and egos. Also a fascinating story of adventure, exultation and sometimes tragedy, from the 'killer' Mountains of the Himalayas to the no less exciting and exacting hills and mountains of north Wales.  


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